The SnowArm+ Portable Massager provides 6 different modes and 6 different speeds to choose from which brings you a brand new massage experience. You can easily carry it to everywhere you wish due to its compact and lightweight design. Each massage session of 10 to 20 minutes significantly lessens the stress level. With a powerful vibrating motor, it develops the blood circulation under your skin cells, which promotes youthfulness of your skin. By utilizing SnowArm+ Portable Massager, you will be perfectly free of these stubborn muscle pains!

If you often experience lower back pain, SnowArm+ will be your lifesaver! Giving yourself a lower back deep tissue massage can increase blood flow and give flexibility to the muscles, making them more resistant to injuries. Furthermore, it is able to alleviate soreness and stiffness by relieving the tension in your neck. It is especially useful in relieving emotional tension as well.