With the Settleback Pro Portable Massager, you can instantly be energized at work or fall into relaxation mode while you wind down at home. Apart from its massage heads with heat therapy, this massager focuses on relieving blockages, alleviating stress and correcting imbalances in the flow of energy with its Tui Na massage heads. Covering the neck, shoulder, back and hips, this massager allows you to tackle specific areas of your body, all you need to do is relax and turn it on!

Did you notice that repeated exercise or immobility can cause neck and shoulder pain? This is why you need a back massager to help relieve tension in the areas and reduce the pain of migraine. SettleBack PRO relaxes the larger muscles and relieves tension that may be causing you to have a difficult time falling asleep. Therefore, you can have a full sleep cycles for your good health.